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June 02, 2006
Posted at 09:09 AM


If my Gramma Josie were still alive today she’d be 98 years old. She was born in Detroit in 1908, and the story of her birth, and the circumstances behind it, are of interest.

The story goes that her father’s first wife died, leaving behind a handful of children. He sent for the woman’s sister back in “Old Country” Poland and married her, and gave birth to my Gramma Josie. If I remember correctly, they owned a bar in Detroit and lived above it.

My Gramma Josie passed away in the summer of 1996. She was tougher than nails and put up a hearty “Borsch-Built” fight against the stroke that ended up taking her.

Mom sent the ‘fishing’ photo in, after a decade of complaining from our end of “not having any photos” of the Grandmothers. Thank you, and, about time!

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