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June 25, 2006
Posted at 07:56 PM


When shit gets hot, the A.C. goes on and we retreat for the shade. Fuck the hot sun and a hot car and beams beating down on white flesh.

And, all you self righteous types, spare us the “anti A.C.” rant. Come enjoy the soothing 70 degrees and keep yer trap shut.

- - - -

We got a ton done yesterday, completing many projects both professional and domestic. All in the cool confines of the house. “Indoor living” as some might say. Cleaned the basement real good and got it tidied up and organized; a goal we’ve been trying to accomplish for some time now. Feel good about it. We do.

Dusted off the old X-Box and fired up Galaga. Been awhile since we played it. Well, wait, since Ryno was here cuz, due to the magical quality of him squashing all fun out of life for whatever reason, he’ll end up thwacking away on some hockey game for hours on end. Real nice.

So we played some Galaga to beat the heat. Fun stuff. My favorite old timey game.

Everythng you need to know about Galaga and didn’t give a fuck to wonder about: Beep.

Hail Steven Krogman, Indoor Liver.

Get to know the “King of Galaga,” then, promptly forget about him.

There is One Comment

Dude - Galaga’s okay, but when Shanahan scores three goals and then the lightning bolt comes blasting out of the sky and turns him into a raging ball of cross-checking red-eyed fire… That’s some real video game action…


Posted by: ryno on 06/26/06 at 9:09 AM
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