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Just when ya think everything ya’ve worked for has gone to shit, and all the years of hemming and hawing has basically amounted to jack squat, well, along comes Billy Fowks.

Now, we don’t know the guy. Never met him. In fact, we don’t know exactly what the hell he does in the world. We’ll tell ya this much, he’s got a good beard “coming in” for the summer, and, he’s got fine taste in t-shirts and writing utensils.

Billy bought a shirt and some other crap and is “staying strong” all day long. Facts are stubborn things.

Check out his photography here, and then, check out who pays the rent for the guy. All good shit. Required clicking for all readers.

Plus, “Fowks” is just a fuckin’ awesome last name. Let me test out a couple scenarios, “Fuck this shit, Fowks.” Nice. Not bad. Or even: “Hey Fowks, Gary’s gotta piss real bad, so…” Kinda weird.

- - - -

That’s how we do it:
Big meeting with Evan Rose yesterday. Business chat. Irvine, California.

Forum has a web cam going in “The Program” offices, so he had to give us a little sneak peek on some of his latest scores while junkin’ the suburban landscape of Southern California.

Scroll through it, and dig the misty glory found within: Done.

(Oh, the young lass in the strip is none other than “Nikki” from The Program. “Darling Nikki.” Ha. Like a steamy Prince song. Maybe.)

- - - -

Pinski comes in with this luscious image from Dick’s up in Seattle: Chomp.

- - - -

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more fun with “fowks”:

Waiter: Can I get you folks something to drink?
Fowks: How’d you know my last name?

Surly DMV Attendant: F-O-L..
Fowks: No, its, F-O-W-K-S, like “That’s all folks!” (then do hum the looney tunes theme)
Surly DMV Attendant: <blank stare>

If I had a dollar for everytime I had to spell that fucker out…

Posted by: Billy on 06/09/06 at 10:34 AM

Next time you are in Spokane, Wa head on over to my home town favorite “Dick’s Burgers by the bag full(different than dicks in seattle..and i think just a bit better) …get yourself a double whammy…you’ll love it.

Posted by: Mark on 06/09/06 at 1:06 PM
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