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Draplin Design Co., North America


Orange is it. Really. Go to the “Merch” section and order one up now. All sizes. Fair prices. Shipped to yer doorstep. Durable materials. Thick inks. Added details. Gary-Proof™. Summer-Friendly. Beefy T’s. Really.

Our PayPal links are up and running smoothly. Orders are stacking up. Real Good!

- - - -

Worked like a dog today on a number of tantalizing projects:

01. Mowing the lawn.
02. Catching up on the weekend’s barrage of email.
03. Murdoch’s bug.
04. An ad for Snowboard magazine.
05. Photoshoot preparations for Coal headwear.
06. Web site action for the Union Binding Company.
07. Weedwhackin’…
08. Drum playing.
09. Garying.
10. DDC Merch section: “Open for business.”

There Are 2 Comments

Draplin - can we order one up now (and therefore, how?) or do we wait for the PayPal store?

Say yes to S!

Posted by: Naz on 05/31/06 at 7:15 AM

where are the girl shirts? will the S be too big on me?

Posted by: bex on 06/04/06 at 3:39 PM
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