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May 19, 2006
Posted at 10:33 AM


With Union outta here, I’ve been able to get back on those drums a bunch more. Real loud.

More and more impressed and blown away by the drumming of Steven Drozd of those Flaming Lips. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out choice cuts on Clouds Taste Metallic and Transmissions From The Satellite Heart. I pretty much suck, but, good luck telling me that in the middle of “Pilot Can At The Queer of God.” So good.

A week and half until I get to see them again.

- - - -

Got a little blip over on the Pinball Publishing site in their “creative resources” section. Good stuff. Thanks, guys.

- - - -

Chris Coyle of Chris Coyle fame was over this afternoon to drop off some finished Portals posters. The boys are going on tour soon with Red Fang. Gary got real mean upon Chris showing up, but quickly softened up and man, I just had to get a pic of them enjoying eachother’s company.

Then I took this shot, reviewed it, and asked Coyle to vacate the premises immediately. Really.

- - - -

Those Coudal Partners always have something cooking.

Today, they challenged their readers with this little humdinger, and man, after reading it thoroughly, getting shot down, I managed to get a little love with my entry of, “Haircut One Hundred Years of Solitude.” How about that shit?

- - - -

Listening to the new Loose Fur - Born Again In The U.S.A. album tons and tons. I am a fan.

- - - -

Reading this and really digging it. Freaky.

There is One Comment

freakonomics is prolly one of the better books I’ve read
in a LONG time.

so that loose fur is good eh?

Posted by: jim golden on 05/19/06 at 10:31 AM
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