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Finally got out to see Art School Confidential. Some good laughs overall, but, I think the comic book version hits the sardonic nail on the head. Clowes’ characters just seem a little too predictable and overacted on screen. On the pages, you just sorta accept them for their stereotypes. Or, they are easier to “get.” I don’t know. Prob’ly shouldn’t think about it too much. The screenplay was clumsy and kinda forced, but fun.

Got me to thinking about my time in art school, and how amazing it was, and, downright stupid at times. I ran into all the types. The kid with the stuffed animals on his backpack, the misunderstood photo major, the tortured painter, the anime’ shut in, the comic book geek, and even the cobweb professor who should’ve been cut years ago. All of them. I’m pretty sure I was one of them too, but, still felt welcomed by the whole mess.

I went to art school. Met some amazing people. Met some turds. Had a hell of a time.

An interesting article with Daniel Clowes at Readymade.

Readymade just might be my favorite magazine these days. Cover to cover, man, cover to cover.

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Those Bottle Rockets have their new album streaming here.

Love the shit. America’s greatest bar band.

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Called Fink yesterday to make sure the fuckin’ shirts were done. His answer: “Fuckin’ printin’ ‘em right now, duuuude.” Good. Now we can rest. Shirts in the Merch section, real soon, or my name isn’t Aaron James Draplin.

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Knock Knock? Shit, how about “Knock Off Knock Off.” Heidi Coudal deserves some credit, you beach livin’ scalliwags.

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