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May 21, 2006
Posted at 04:22 PM


Rolled the sleeves up on a project that involves the sea. Dave England is working up a documentary about a band of rowdies who are designing the world’s first bionic dolphin vessel. I love documentaries, and Dave (sometimes) and couldn’t pass up the offer to help out in the graphics department of his film. Fun shit.

The graphic above will be on his chest very soon. Really.

- - - -

Did some web rambling and splashed into some aquatic paydirt here.

01. Yes!
02. Oh man…
03. …wow.

- - - -

Last year’s The Life Aquatic is a great example of “good type, good color, considered reference.” Hats off to the art directors on that one.

I think I like the “look and feel” more than the movie, in all honesty. I watch it just for that.

Some great Life Acquatic knick knacks here.

- - - -

Oh, yeah: Gary Zissou.

There is One Comment

Woah, I’m with your praise of the Life Aquatic art direction…but that bootleg merchandise site? That’s some low quality cafe press stuff there.

Wes Anderson is always on point, his american express ad is even great.

Posted by: jason on 05/25/06 at 12:23 AM
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