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01. Back in Michigan.
02. Surprise attack.
03. Flew outta Portland at noon. Kass dropped me off.
04. Gary is being watched over by Goo and Fran.
05. Small layover in Minneapolis.
06. Ethiopian dinner with Ryno in South Minne.
07. Short flight across Wisconsin and Lake Michigan to TC.
08. Little sister Leah picked me up.
09. Out to Lake Ann by midnight.
10. Surprised the parents as they watched Letterman.
11. Took pants off.
12. End transmission.

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Just a fongs for the occasion:

01: Ambulance Ltd. - Michigan
02: Wilco - Spiders
03: Califone - Michigan Girls
04: Sufjan Stevens - Say Yes! To Michigan

Posted by: Billy Fowks on 05/07/06 at 8:53 PM
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