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Draplin Design Co., North America
May 03, 2006
Posted at 10:02 PM


Gary came into our lives a year ago today.

It’s amazing and wonderful and scary how quick a year goes by.

He’s a big part of my life nowadays, and, even in the roughest times where I find myself wanting to kill him, or, break his back with a pile-driver, or, shave his face off, or, run over him with Big S, or, bolt his barker shut, well, it quickly passes with a little “chest prop” (where I hold him up against me, and he stands up straight, leaning up against my arm and shoulder, eye to eye, hound to human) and a couple licks. We’re family.

I do love the little man, as conflicting as our relationship is, I do love him.

His newest hobby is: “Chasing his tail.”“Chasing his tail.” Oh man, he’s a bright one. Hours of fun.

- - - -

Back in Michigan with shop set up on the parent’s dining room table. Working away on stuff, enjoying the view of the woods out back, off their deck.

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