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Draplin Design Co., North America


Did this mark for John at South America Snow Sessions. Wrapped it up today and shipped it off digitally to somewhere far away. Thanks to Trevor Nemo for “hookin’ it all up.”

- - - -

VET UPDATE: Gary’s fecal sample test came back negative regarding worms, parasitic battles, evil spirits and any attempt at world record contention. (The little man had to go, sorry.) Gary was unavailable for comment, as he was busy chewing the shit out a rawhide bone.

- - - -

Michaylira and Tevis are tying the knot.

Our stance on the their celestial vows:
01. ‘Bout damn time.
02. Banff? Aw, man. Why not the wilds of Borneo? C’mon, make it a challenge.

Reservations have been made. Sharing a room with Bridges. (“Pass me that lighter, will ya?”) Might drive up there. Might fly. Mounting expenses. Lots of threat to come “giftless.” Better be good. Better see some bears or moose or something. Plan on eating really good, on them. My get fitted for some sort of embarrassing sport jacket. Fuck.

Should be a good one. Or else.

Pertinent info regarding the deal.

- - - -

Soli sent this one over. A good watch. Same old shit, but, powerful nonetheless.

- - - -

The new Replacements song can be found here. Pretty good. Really good. I’m usually kinda leary of any sort of reunion stuff, but, if the shit sounds this good, it’s officially sanctioned by the DDC. It’s for an upcoming “best of” compilation or something. Tommy and Paul. Westerberg defies the odds, again.

- - - -

Met those Sturgills last night at Office. Nice kids. Cute. “In the know” with all sorts of cool stuff. We exchanged niceties and payment for my gocco cards from the Wurst Gallery show. Cool stuff. I guess my cards sold out. Wow. Fun.

- - - -

Finally got over to Northwest last night to catch The Devil and Daniel Johnston documentary at Cinema 21. Went with Lovejoy.

Pretty interesting, and, kinda sad. You just watch the guy unravel. Kinda unsettling.

- - - -

Getting excited for those goddammed Flaming Lips down in Bend.

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Stop seeing movies without me.

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 05/26/06 at 9:31 PM
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