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April 05, 2006
Posted at 08:59 AM


Heading up to Seattle this morning to catch a Mariners game. This is the sorta stuff called for during Ryno Week.

Other “Ryno Week” activities include:

01. Playing old XBox video games. (Ryno is nursing a sprained thumb.)
02. “Fixing” shit around the house. ($200 plumber house call, soon after.)
03. Bitching out Kurt for being too fuckin’ cute.
04. Jamming in the basement. Richmond Fontaine songs, mainly, in tribute.
05. Fighting about bands, art, girls, etc.
06. Hanging with Gary.
07. General Talking of Shit.
08. Watchin’ tube.
09. Goin’ record shopping. And, bad mouthin’ new releases on the shelves.
10. Reminiscing about stupid shit.

- - - -

Something we dig from Mr. Hecox.

- - - -


“Gary, over at Goo’s house in the backyard by the fence. By Goo.”

There is One Comment

Damn, I’m jealous. Wish I could be there for Ryno Week, sounds like some good times. Thinking of you while I spent much of last weekend in Indiana:


Posted by: PJ Chmiel on 04/05/06 at 8:49 AM
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