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Spent the better part of the weekend chasing the almighty greenbacks. After many hours, shifted the focus to the greenblades out back.

Mowed that lawn. Way overdue. A battle. Man against earth.

Things came to a head today. Little Gary was getting lost back there, and goddammit, something had to be done.

01. Mowed it once, diagonally. Had to go real slow, as, healthier sections were a good foot high.
02. Edged the front sidewalks.
03. Weed-wacked all fiesty nooks and crannies.
04. Mowed the back one more time, with a perpendicular plan of attack.
05. Gave everything a good raking.
06. Picked up the piles.
07. Gave the sidewalks out front a good sweep.
08. Nursed wounds.
09. Introduced Gary to the “new-n’-improved” backyard.
10. Felt good about being a landowner, on American soil.

We prevailed, barely.

(Many thanks to Nuñez for the use of his mower and weedwacker.)

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nice work.

now if you stay in the house, I have a hint: lots of stones and pavers and only a small patch of grass for dogs and kids


Posted by: jim on 04/30/06 at 10:35 PM

Good thing you mowed down those motherfuckin’ flowers. Purple is the color of the Maniote. Love the shot of Gary lost in the weeds, make sure he gets bit by snakes and comes in covered in ticks.

Posted by: PJ Chmiel on 05/01/06 at 8:36 AM

yes, my battle was on easter sunday. i was sweating hard five minutes in, since i forwent any motorized lawn care equimpent. my neighbor came out to encourage me, shouting, “you’re doing a good job!!” so awesome. a real rite of passage.

Posted by: sherowsk on 05/01/06 at 10:14 AM

Let me tell you, brothers - as a veteran of what was briefly referred to as “Draplin’s Bush” (name later abandoned for obvious reasons), tackling that gnarled tenth-acre of madness is a daunting task, even for a lawn-mowarrior such as myself. We should all be thankful and proud for Aaron’s accomplishments this day. Now, if he can find the courage to ascend the Ladder of Doom to enter the Den of the Devil Birds living in his soffit …

Posted by: ryno on 05/01/06 at 12:24 PM

“I’m gonna weedwack my way to memphis”

Posted by: Scott Steele on 05/01/06 at 12:58 PM
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