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April 09, 2006
Posted at 03:10 PM



Saw a robin flying today. Been thinking about that bird a bunch.

- - - -

The weekend has been good to us.

01. Those Portals rocked Sabala’s last night. Bravo, boys. Coyle ripped.
02. Whoever was before them: Real tired of rockers with “the look” without “the sound.” Yawn.
03. Went junkin’ with Fink this morning at the Portland Expo. Ugly people. Gobs of them.
04. Slept good and hard last night, with Gary close at my side.
05. Ate a good supper at Chaba Thai last night.
06. Watched a half-ass documentary about homegrown horrow films directors.
07. Tidied up the house some.
08. Enjoyed the cool spring air.
09. Ryno mowed the lawn. Thanks.
10. Saw Richond Fontaine play about six songs. Good shit. Portland gents.

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