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April 28, 2006
Posted at 11:44 PM

Another work week shot to shit.

Chained to the desk, more or less, chasing those opportunties. Put in a lot of hours this week. Got a lot done. Thinking about how many times I’ve typed this. Kinda dumb.

Fuck, is it May already? Almost is. It was 76 degrees out today. Forgash came over wearing a tank top. Gary resisted coming back into the darkness a couple times. Where’d that Portland spring go? I was just getting into all that rain and gray, and man, here comes that sun.

- - - -

Watched an amazing Bukowski documentary tonight. Aside from his crass literary persona, the story of his youth, his family life and his shortcomings were fascinating. It puts those disturbing words of his into perspective. Required viewing.

He did it his own way. Thanks, Hank.

“Dedicated to bad writing.”

- - - -

Neil Young has his new album streaming here. A protest album. Fired up.

Word is, he completed the thing in nine days. I have given it a couple listens. “Ragged Glory” and “Rust Never Sleeps” comes to mind. The lyrics are pretty overt and predictable. Not a bad listen, I’d say.

But that isn’t what interests me here. It’s the fact that someone is speaking out, using the internet, unafraid to call out Bush and his sinister croonies. I wish more people would.

“Let’s impeach the president…”

I’ve run out of words to describe the disgust I feel for George Bush and what he’s done/doing to our country. Complete disgust.

- - - -

Travis Harrett is in Ireland of all places, on tour with Detroit’s Deadstring Brothers. They are gonna lay waste to a bunch of United Kingdom joints, then, will get on back to the states for the opening slot on the George Thoroughgood tour.

How ‘bout that shit? Pretty goddamn cool. Really. Many, many congrats from the DDC enterprise.

- - - -

It was a beautiful week. Lots of sun and cool temps and a good smell to the Portland air. Off to bed I go, thinking about Gary jumping like a little doe in the tall grass out back, chasing sticks and barking at shit.

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born into this was an eye opener. been waiting for it to hit DVD for 3 years already. well worth the wait.

Posted by: jim golden on 04/29/06 at 5:55 AM

Hey, hey, my, my…….

Rock and Roll will NEVER die…..

I am just an older, wiser, wannbehippyish old lady who loved the protest songs of the 50’s (seger), 60’s (Dylan), 70’s (CSNY), 80’s (Jackson Browne), etc., and love the fact that Neil Young is still here and singing proud.

I also love the fact that my son appreciates it all, too!

I think we learned over and over that our ‘votes’ don’t really count: at least we can express our views on paper, on the internet and in song…..

Posted by: momma d. on 04/29/06 at 7:33 AM
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