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Yeah, so what if it was a guy in suit? It still scared the shit out of me when I was nine.

I read the book about the “guy who wore suit,” and, well, it just sorta deflated all the wonder I associated with the whole Bigfoot thing.

The filmmaker who shot the footage, Roger Patterson, was a simple con man and huckster. I guess they had those in Tacoma in the ’60s too. Damn.

He sure did pull a lot of wool(fur) over the eyes of the world.

I remember being blown away by the footage. Scared shitless, actually. I mean, just to think that this was out there in the woods, was enough to make me shutter. Still does.

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This was pretty interesting:

“I invented the Apple logo.”
(via Kottke.org)

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An soothing read at NPR.

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