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Draplin Design Co., North America
March 21, 2006
Posted at 10:46 AM


The tile is all laid, the paint job just needs some trim refinement, just a little bit of grout to be grouted, some molding to be painted and tacked in, and, putting the sink back in of course, and man, that Men’s Room will be up to speed. Pictures as soon as that sonofbitch is licked.

The tile is looking really good. Real excited to be done with it, so I can clean the ranch up real good.

- - - -

“Set my pulse to the Great Lakes pulse…”

Been listening to a ton of the Magnolia Electric Company. Constant rotation.

A good soundtrack for Midwest wondering. Been planning up a late-April trip back to that Midwest to see those parents, and, scope some real estate in Minne and Chicago. Was thinking about driving back, with Gary in tow. This way, I could hit up Minne, then, Chicago and check out some boxes. Might be too busy by then, though.

- - - -

In the spring of 2000, back in Minneapolis, I was lucky enough to do a poster for Rich Sheldon’s monthly record shows. It’s been awhile since I thought of that poster, and, upon some web surfing, came across this, and man, it put a smile on the face.

My poster was up in a little show at Cartleton College in Northfield, Minn. Check it out, man. Rich Sheldon puts on these amazing records shows every couple weeks in Minneapolis, and man, it was one hell of an outlet for local designers, and, something fun to do on a lazy Saturday. So many good posters over the years, from all sorts of MCAD folks and otherwise.

Rich has 18,000 albums. Take that. Fuckin’ amazing. Great guy.

(And Jenkins, I got a poster for ya here with yer name on it. Just send me an address and we’ll throw some stamps on it for ya. You bet.)

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I don’t see me and PJ’s poster in those pics. WTF? I’ll kill!

Posted by: ryno on 03/22/06 at 1:09 PM

I’ll send over my address today.

I did a small write-up on the actual event over at Inkspeak. Nothin’ fancy, just some ramblings.

Ryan, those pictures were shot by family, not me. If I had my way I would have shot each poster. But I didn’t.

If it helps, your poster with PJ is one of my favorites.

Posted by: Andrew R. Jenkins on 03/22/06 at 2:17 PM

Posted by: ryno on 03/22/06 at 3:40 PM
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