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March 29, 2006
Posted at 10:16 AM

Sorry for the lack of activity. Been down for the count with a fluke back spasm ordeal (or so I’ve been told by a professional ) and have been spending some time “horizontal.”

The ache started Saturday morning, then, by Sunday, felt like a nasty charlie horse at the lower end of my spine, or, an “inch or two above the buttcrack.”


Couldn’t stand up with out some serious pain, couldn’t bend down, couldn’t wrastle with Gary, hard to button up the 501’s, uncomfortable when seated trying to work, etc.

So, I got myself good and freaked out, drove to Seattle, suffered, drove back, suffered some more, then, yesterday, went to Dr. Pham’s up the street some and had him check me out.

“I think you have a muscle spasm. Let’s get an x-ray, just in case,” said Dr. Pham.

Doped up/doped down: Ibuprofen horse pills, a muscle relaxer pill and some horizontal-ness.

So, plans are being made for some “Factory Floor Restructuring” involving movement, time spent sedentary and spine stretchin’, among other things.

Gary is okay. Breathe easy.

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Rest up & get well soon. It’s almost magazine time and you’ll need all your strength to argue over 10 points of magenta.

Seriously, I hope the spasm passes. I went through a few days of that this winter.

Posted by: Zimmerman on 03/30/06 at 7:38 AM

Hope you’re feeling okay buddy, give me a holler if there’s anything I can do. Take ‘er easy and watch the Big Lebowski while you’re couch-surfing.

Posted by: PJ Chmiel on 03/30/06 at 3:58 PM
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