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March 25, 2006
R.I.P. Buck
Posted at 09:45 PM


“I’d like to be remembered as a guy that came along and did his music, did his best and showed up on time, clean and ready to do the job, wrote a few songs and had a hell of a time.” -Buck Owens, 1992

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If you like Buck Owens, there’s some other sounds I think you should check out: It’s a genre called Country and Western Music. There were a few artists working around the same time as Owens that did some pretty nice things. I think you might dig it.

Posted by: ryno on 03/27/06 at 8:17 AM

Buck will be missed. If you like Buck, Try Jim Lauderdale, great Bakersfield sound. I took your advice and checked out Magnolia Electric Company. It may have to go into my new rotation. Thanks for pointing them out.

Posted by: John G. on 03/30/06 at 12:14 PM
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