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Heading up to a little mountain in British Columbia called, “Whistler” this morning. In fact, we are whistling right now, you rotgut halfwits. Whattya think of that?

Gary and I are reluctantly relocating up to the “Snowboard Magazine Man Camp: Whistler Edition” for a long weekend of mountain living, snow-sliding, snow-shredding, snow-fucking, high-level discussions, being flat-out piss drunk, fighting, quitting hard-earned posts, kissing-and-making-up, bringin’-it-all-back-now, and even some brainstorming about “what we should do next season.”

The team is assembling as this entry goes to press, and man, before any loose speculation permeates, we’ll just let it be known that, truth be told, Gary and I are definitely the highest on the food chain, considering the character and demeanor of our esteemed ‘Whistler Weekend’ colleagues. Bring it on.

So, “Canada, here we come.”

(Lib Tech Norm corrected my use of the coined slogan of, “Canada, a Strange and Wonderful Place…” but, I’m gonna wager I forgot the correct blurb as soon as he said it. Norm: Help.)

- - - -

Jay Floyd and Little Hayden. (That poor little girl, so pure, so sweet…be strong.)

- - - -

The new Loose Fur album is coming out soon, and man, we couldn’t be happier. Really.

- - - -

We ordered this a couple days back. Godspeed, dammit.

- - - -

Watched this, in its entirety, late last night. It’s been awhile. So good, and sad.

Read up on his story, 100 years later.

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Nice story for the border - a business trip to Whistler. Or perhaps you’re really coming up here for this?

Posted by: Ian Patton on 03/03/06 at 8:27 AM

Canada? You lucky duck! Say hi to Sasquatch for me, ok?

Posted by: Fiona on 03/03/06 at 6:42 PM
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