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February 23, 2006
Things We Ike:
Posted at 11:52 AM


Picked this little beauty up from Old Lady Muff herself in Orange a couple weekends back.

Old Lady Muff? Yes, her. She’s this old dame who run’s “Muff’s Antique Salvage” supply store in downtown Orange, California. She’s a fine old dame, let me tell ya.

“You Muff?,” Rose asks.
“Yep, I’m Muff,” Old Lady Muff answers.

Side note: We are going to hell.

(That is, if yer superstitions allow you to believe in one.)

- - - -


I go on these kicks. The week started out with a heavy Beatles playlist, with, “Don’t Let Me Down” topping the charts. As the week draws to a close, we find ourselves fucking up the quiet with choice cuts from the Flaming Lips discography.

Basically, “Clouds Taste Metallic” has been on contant rotation, bringing me back to a fateful roadtrip in 1995, days after the album hit the shelves. This album was on CONSTANT ROTATION all the way back to Michigan from Oregon. And that’s hooking south through Vegas, then the Grand Canyon, up through Colorado, across that Prairie, passin’ up Chicago and up into the homelands, with this album blaring pretty much the whole way.

I was 21 and shit was pretty huge to me.

“Four fingers and a toenail….” -from “Brainville”

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