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Draplin Design Co., North America
February 22, 2006
Posted at 09:47 AM

Styk and Fank were on one of their many, harrowing missions over to big China, and sent this little humdinger in as proof of the DDC’s presence in the country.

Styk and Fank represent. Thanks, men.

- - - -

JT bought one of our cards from the Wurst Gallery “We Love Gocco” show and seems to be satisfied with his purchase. We were flattered. Thanks. (via nosmot.com.)

And while digging around on his site, I stumbled onto this beauty. (via Chemviking.)

- - - -

Those Kass’ are on their way back from Europe. I have been receiving lewd calls every 47 minutes from Matt, so, life is just about back to normal concerning Matt Kass’ contribution to our lives.

- - - -

Thanks so much to everyone for the pleasant recommendations for the recent Gary-ness around the place.

Citronella it is. Gonna try that one I think.

It’s either that or some sort of homebrewed face removal or maybe a couple of sheetrock screws clamping his snout shut. Just some thoughts.

And not surprisingly, the little man isn’t very happy about this sort of discussion.

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