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Draplin Design Co., North America
December 20, 2005
Posted at 11:39 AM


Here’s Gary “wandering onto the set” at the recent (..and painfully SKU*-laden) Coal photoshoot. Brad and Kami were down from Seattle with their latest collection. A fella by the name of Mark Kohlman shot the beast. All good stuff. Nice to spend some time with these kids. Great hats. Great colors. Great Kohlmans.

* “Stock Keeping Unit” A common term for a unique numeric identifier, used most commonly in online business to refer to a specific product in inventory or in a catalog.

As in, “How many fucking SKUs are we talking about here?” -A. Draplin, in a moment of complete breakdown and hopelessness when charting progress on the sea of color styles and color options in the vast Coal line.

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