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November 18, 2005
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Posted at 09:59 PM


Got up good and early in Browning, getting onto the road by 9am.

289. “Montana morning.”

The roads down to our I-94 connection were long and windy as we made our way south of Glacier Nat’l Park, across the Continental Divide, along Flathead Lake and then down to I-94. I’d say that distance was 100 mile as the crow flies, but, with all the winding and wildness, it weighed in at 225 miles. Beautiful country.

290. “Closed for Winter: Glacier National Park”
291. “Crossing that Continental Divide.”
292. “Beautiful, beautiful country.”

We jumped on that I-94 and put the pedal-to-the-medal and were into Idaho in no time, and the across Idaho in just about as fast. We crossed over into Washington, passing up Spokane real fast and then angled down across the eastern Washington ranchlands. By nightfall we were into Oregon and following I-84 back to Portland.

293. “Gary’s final nap of the journey.”
294. “Southeastern Washington sunset.”

We got into town around 9pm, road worn and weary.

It was good to be home. Bit sad, bit relieved. Thankful as ever, for such amazing adventures and sights.

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Whoa, buddy. We did Kalispell to P-town last September for a wedding. That’s a tough stretch if there ever was one. Once you clear Spokane, you better have some stuff to think about, ‘cause that is some barren, barren stuff.

Enjoy the crisp and clear weather. Last call for beautiful fall leaves.

Posted by: eric on 11/20/05 at 9:24 AM
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