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November 01, 2005
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Posted at 10:00 AM


Novembrrr. Already? October was a good one. Busy, of course, and wild, but, “a good one” as I look back at it. I made it to 32, so that’s good. This cold heart still pumps warm blood. I plan on keeping it that way.

- - - -

Another ‘big” day in the city. I wish I had juicier things to report.

My last day in Minne was spent feverishly trying to bang out the last couple projects before “magazine mayhem” coming on Wednesday back in Portland. Can tell you this much: Looking forward to sleeping in my own bed, that’s for sure. Ryan’s got me on some old mattress that I’m sure has seen all sorts of nasty things over the years. I just miss my bed and sheets and blankie. No shit.

Went over to the Walker to see Chad Kloepfer, but he was “out sick.” Matt Rezac was there and showed me some of their latest Walker book projects. Pretty impressive stuff. Lots of work, man. Bravo. Isaac and I kicked the Walker book store’s ass and then hit Mickey’s Diner, over in St. Paul, for yet another nasty meal.

Man, for the next couple week it’s “grass and grass only” for me. All this road food and naughty Minneapolis diner fare is gonna compromise my “winter figure.” Shit.

- - - -

Rounded out the night with a quick stop to see my buddy Scott over at Cal Surf. The mag looked good in their racks. Thanks for the support, men. Plus, they had a good selection of Union bindings up for grabs. Pretty cool to see them out and about. All you readers who need a set of snowboard bindings need to step up and try a pair of Unions. Really. Might do you good. Might not. Job security for the DDC.

- - - -

I do love Minneapolis. I miss it. Have since I left. Got to cruise around town a whole bunch the last bunch of days, but made few new discoveries. Checked out some real estate, did some thinking, talked to some colleagues, etc. It’ll always be here.

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