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Draplin Design Co., North America
October 29, 2005
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Posted at 11:09 PM


Went over to MCAD and met up with soon-to-be-graduating Isaac Berenson. He’s got some good stuff going on in the publication design side of things. Real proud of him. We did a tour of the campus, shot the shit with Santiago a bit and flipped through the pages of the latest catalog. Fun stuff. I miss my school days. If only those shits knew how it was out in the rewal world, or, “in the basement,” man, how they’d shiver.

Isaac gave me a couple old stamps, of which I got real inspired by. Thanks. I went junkin’ and found these little “grab bags” of stamps, for like two bucks a bag.

Get a load of these beauties:

222. “Sifting through the treasures.”
223. “Real Good.”
224. “Teleks.”
225. “Bolivia.”
226. “Suid-Afrika.”
227. “The motherload.”

There is One Comment

I myself am shipping out to Suid-Afrika next Monday, 5 days on the road: Johannesburg-Entabeni-Polokwane-Pretoria. From the Lonely Plant guide, Jo’burg section…

“…the city’s crime statistics do make uncomforatable reading…”

“Never walk out of Park Station with luggage unless you are getting straight into a car.”

“Carrying a camera around Jo’burg is as good as wearing a sign saying ‘Mug Me’.”

and my favorite:

“…when you’re at stop lights leave a car’s length between you and the vehicle in front so you can drive away if necessary - running a red light is not illegal if you are in reasonable fear of assault.”


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