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October 15, 2005
DDC:GAA:FT: 10152005:L06:D32
Posted at 11:31 PM


Woke up and was 32 years old.

32 years old. Wow. Considering I am going to live to be 128, that would mean I’m “one quarter” through “the long haul.” Glad to still be here.

Thankful for a million moments and things.

Here’s to the next 32 big ones.

- - - -

Enough of the sentimentality. Time to get on the road.

Left Detroit in record time. Thought about veering off I-75 as I whipped south through downtown, instead, punched it and pointed it for the state line. Ohio! Thought about being here a year ago, heartbroken over the “red status” of this great state. Is is possible to be pissed off at a whole state? A year ago, I was.

One thing that struck me as I rolled throught Toledo was the number of helicopters in the air. Little did I know they were covering the unfolding riots across town. I saw the footage later on that night and was floored, and saddened. Those “white power” fucks sure do a good job of promoting a whole lot of nothing. Strained faces and poorly fitting Halloween costume Nazi suits…man, ya just kinda feel sorry for them.They’re too pathetic too muster the energy to get “fired up” over the whole thing.

Join a bowling league or something, guys. Better shirts.

- - - -

Down I-75 for a couple hours and into Dayton. Thought about Guided by Voices. Took a spin through town listening to “Mag Earwhig.” Pretty uneventful. Oh, I thought about Kelley and Kim Deal (…of those Pixies/Breeders) some too. Weren’t they from Dayton too?

112. “Items of majesty at some giant antique warehouse, just off I-75.”
113. “How much for the whole lot?”
114. “Spent a good 15 minutes here examining this vast assortment.”

- - - -

The sun was setting as I rolled into Cincinnati. Great skyline. Thought about those Afghan Whigs and Pete Rose’s hair and that gruff old bag who used to run the Reds back in the day. Is she still there?

115. “Across a great bridge…”
116. “…and into Kentucky. Unbridled!”

Rolled through town and over across the Ohio River into Kentucky. Had a big night planned, sorta, with a band called the “Black Diamond Heavies.”

About a month back, after seeing a painfully uneventful Son Volt show in portland, I was tracking the rest of their dates on their fall tour, and, the different badns opening for them. The Heavies were opening for them for a couple dates. Farrar’s choices of openers is kinda hit-or-miss. I always give ‘em a chance though.

Man, I hit the jackpot with these guys.

117. “Found the Mad Hatter in record time and shut everything down.”
118. “BDH, turning things up.”
119. “Mark “Porchop” Holder: Unstoppable.”

Quit fuckin’ around and go here, and start the downloading. And then, turn the shit up, brothers and sisters!

Great bio, too: “The Black Diamond Heavies are a nationally touring band based out of East Nashville, Tennessee. The music sounds like three gorillas on crank. Most of the material is original music, although covers are sometimes thrown in as tribute to gods, generals, heroes, and vampires such as John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Lou Reed and Tom Waits. The Heavies are a streamlined tour-ready outfit, and cannot be stopped. Don’t even try.”

Don’t even try to stop ‘em.

- - - -

Called it a night and settled on a Comfort Inn. The wallpaper in the shitter was pretty comforting, too.

120. “Shells.”

All in all, a good 32nd birthday.

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Happy Birthday Drap. I’ve now known you for 17 years.

Drive careful.


Posted by: BCJ on 10/18/05 at 12:07 AM

Blessed belated birthday, brother. Cincinnati is a nice town, I went there for the first time this spring and liked it a whole lot. They’ve got hills down there and lots of curvy roads, and good people. It’s funny, I’ve cut 3 of the 4 corners off of Kaintuck on various trips but have never been into the “belly/heart/soul” of the state. Need to do that soon. Thanks for the photos and updates, that’s some good comforting paper in the shitter.

Posted by: PJ Chmiel on 10/18/05 at 10:50 AM

Even assholes have birthdays.

Happy birthday Asshole.

Posted by: charles highcrest on 10/19/05 at 9:42 PM

Happy Birthday Aaron. I always thought I was older than you. Guess not! Stay safe.

Posted by: Andrew R. Jenkins on 10/24/05 at 4:55 PM

happy birthday to you

Posted by: derek Denoyer on 10/31/05 at 3:44 PM
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