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Draplin Design Co., North America
October 12, 2005
DDC:GAA:FT: 10122005:L05:D29
Posted at 07:53 PM


Spent the better part of the day tuning pages.



Finally, after what must’ve been 1000 uploads and downloads, missed iChats, bungled phone calls, misinformation, disinformation and a handful of emails, I finally starting burning the goddamn files to discs. Note the word, “discs.” Now, all this time, I thought my iBook laptop had a DVD burner in it. All this time. So, I was pretty pumped to burn a couple DVDs to cover the 10gb of data for the magazine’s final pages, as well as all the raw files and stuff leading up to those cherished final PDFs.

Well, there is something “really awesome” about having to burn 10gb’s of stuff to 700mb CDRs: It took forever.

What a mess. Took me about 4 hours all together with all the copying, verifying, burning, labeling and general panic that went into the “final step” of the process. Went to bed at 3:30 in the a.m., with a stack of discs ready to be FedEx’d way out to Idaho.

This was my day. At least I was back home for it.

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