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Draplin Design Co., North America
October 11, 2005
DDC:GAA:FT: 10112005:L05:D28
Posted at 07:51 PM


Spent the day fumbling through the “corrections phases” of the pages. Back in Portland we were lucky enough to complete all but three pages, but, still had to put them through the “corrections” roto-tiller.

What a fuckin’ pain in the ass. We’re all scattered about, with different schedules and time zones, trying to be “on point”…to no avail. Lot of time wasted. Pretty bummed.

Tough stuff, this magazine business.

At least I’m home, in the safe confines of the Draplin family compound. Hearty meals, comfy couch, questionable net connection, falling leaves and dogs.

Gary is coming along well. Batting about .970 in the “potty training” department. Progress, man, progress. He plays with Toby the Shi Tzu all day long. Little buddies. He sleeps around a lot too. Let me explain: The little man loves to sleep at yer feet, or at yer side, and, has no preference to “who” he’s gonna burrow up against. He’ll take anyone. So, he’ been doing the rounds around the house, acting a little heating pad for whoever will allow him to “give off some heat” for the night.

- - - -

Listening to: The Hold Steady - Separation Sunday.

Lots of Minneapolis references, getting me thinking about my time in the city.

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