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October 05, 2005
DDC:GAA:FT: 10052005:L04:D22
Posted at 11:22 PM


You know the deal. More pages. Shit is coming together, somewhat smoothly.

Looking forward to going home. Had to change my “flight back home” to Monday morning, just to ensure we had the whole issue wrapped and burned and all that. No questions, just completion.

I would like to thank Craigslist for a little something. I posted an entry yesterday morning, selling my trusty Canon Elph S400 I had purchased in the summer of 2005. With some 6800 photos on it, I was “passing the savings on” to some lucky taker, as I had recently upgraded, or, “downsized” (considering the noticeable wize/weight decrease from model to model) to the Canon Elph SD400. How damn. What a little champ.

So anyhoo, I had my old S400 laying around, quietly retired, and thought I’d give the Craigslist a whirl. Posted the ad at 7am. By 8am, had about 10 offers. Ended up selling the old rig to a pleasant gal named Bridge, who is sure to enjoy a hearty digital future with it.

Craigslist is pretty impressive. I’ve bought a couple items here and there, but hadn’t tried my hand at selling. Very easy, very effective. Thanks.

About the new rig, “Couldn’t be happier.” Shot like a dream all the way home on LEG01 of the tour.


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Sold the camera on Craigslist, eh? If I would have known you were going to sell it, I might have wanted to purchase that camera and we could have sold the first one, which, by the way is working fine and is probably all I’ll ever need. So - never mind…..

and, you don’t have to post this - I just didn’t feel like calling you and interrupting you guys or trying the video thing. Talk to you soon.

Posted by: momma d. on 10/06/05 at 1:09 PM

Yah man, what gives? My elph worked fine. I read this post about 2 hours ago and now I have a brand new SD 400. Thats messed up. (Best Buy $297)

Posted by: cory Grove on 10/06/05 at 4:54 PM
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