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Draplin Design Co., North America
September 09, 2005
Posted at 10:58 AM

Handed off a DVD with issue two of SNOWBOARD magazine last night. Some 24 PDFx1a files. Phew.

And not a minute later, the house was empty.

The forces showed up last saturday, and six days later, with speed, luck and a calm nervousness, we wrapped it up, and the place vacated.

Many thanks to Baker, Lliz, Larry, Basher, Twos, Mark and Zmmerman for a, “Job well done.”

- - - -

Little sister Leah and Linsley flew in yesterday.

Suddenly, two sets of folded arms are staring me down.

“What are we doing?” (folded arms, unrelenting stare, tapping feet.)
“Will you give us a ride?” (folded arms, unrelenting stare, tapping feet.)
“How do we get there?” (folded arms, unrelenting stare, tapping feet.)
“Will you pick us up?” (folded arms, unrelenting stare, tapping feet.)

Man, and I thought the mongrels from the magazine were tough. These girls mean business. Their first time to Portland, they’ve got a couple potent days to properly, “Kick The Town’s” ass.

Last night, they managed to find a watering hole in Portland’s famed, “Vaseline Alley.”

Be careful, ladies, be careful.

- - - -

With the mag done, I’ve got a couple days of “wrapping it all up” and shit, I’m outta here. Stay tuned for the official announcement.

There Are 2 Comments

Glad to hear things are returning to normal (since when has the life of Aaron Draplin been considered the least bit normal)…

You must be proud of your efforts making SNOWBOARD Magazine, along with your co-horts, successful for another year. I am hoping we can host the contingent for the next “round”……You can have my office, dining room, family room and free showers (a few good meals, too) as our contribution.

And what will the “Annual Fall Tour” be this year? I wonder if you will be touring Old Navy, Gap and Target stores nationwide, carting Little Leah across this country? She is one hellofa thrift store shopper, by the way…..

And, I forgot to have you sign that “contract” we spoke of:

“….I promise, under ANY circumstances, NOT to abandon Leah Susan Draplin anywhere in this great nation other than in her driveway in Michigan……” Signed, big brother Aaron

That means, my son, that you will have to tolerate her for over 1,000 miles of togetherness. I hope you will treat her to the same respect you gave your dad. Take her through the mud and the crazy back roads, show her the best diners, the best & worst of “digs”, treat her to the beauty of the American countrysides, teach her all about the real America; counsel her with all your wisdom, listen to her; I know this trip will really bond you siblings…….God help you both.

Have fun, keep in touch, take some duct tape and rope to keep her with you.

Love, mom

Posted by: momma d. on 09/10/05 at 7:42 AM

Fuck that drop her off…………….O.K. just kidding. latter

Posted by: crazy unka kev on 09/12/05 at 5:14 PM
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