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Draplin Design Co., North America
September 25, 2005
DDC:GAA:FT: 09252005:L02:D12
Posted at 11:04 PM


Hard times, digitally.

Word from home is, the DDC server has been down for a couple days, crippling shit.

No email, no website, no FTP, no nothing. Cameron Barrett, web pioneer and New Yorker, called in via a remote, dusty Yahoo account to notify of the latest “hacking” that has brought us down. Someone got in, messed some stuff up and hell, both Cam and I are on the road, with our hands tied. Cam is in Arizona with his little lady, gazing out over large, sweeping Southwestern vistas, while I am in a Italian office-generously heated up by the afternoon sun-but a couple kilometers south of the Austrian border.

So we’re offline, and man, I’m offline everywhere because of it.

- - - -

Dachshund Truth: Missing Gary.

I miss the little asshole. I really do. His little face and little legs. Those little fangs and floppy ears. I miss the little man real bad. Find myself wishing he was at my feet, a little “heater unit gas pedal” of sorts. (For whatever reason, the little man gives off a lot of heat.) I don’t miss the barking. That much is true. Hold tight Gary, I’ll be back Wednesday night, and I’ll rub ya until ya doze off. Pinky promise.

072. “Looking down over Colico.”
073. “Tight quarters, as we whip around town.”
074. “Fungo, man, fungo.”
075. “Down with the pigs!”
076. “Our view, as we ate lunch.”

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