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September 18, 2005
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Posted at 11:57 PM


Denver had a good feel to it. Haven’t spent much time there, other than the randon “pass through” or perplexed, wandering layover. Lots of real estate for sale all over town, it seemed. Especially loft stuff…both old and prefab. For the record, I’ve given up on the “old vs. prefab” debate. I mean, shit, it’s a box, and, as long as the thing is updated, safe and clean, then the property is cool with me. Been doing a lot of thinking about buying a “box” for the next housing chapter. The house on 67th is cool and all, but, all I really need is a box. Some walls, a roof, etc. I always think about boxes when I pass through cities like Chicago or New York, and now, Denver. Who lives in all those boxes? Don’t they want a lawn and a sidewalk and all that? Hmmm.

Coming out of Denver, I love how the prairie just sort of, “starts.” From big ol’ mountains to gentle, rolling prairie, for as far as the eye can see.

So we drove, the couple hundred miles to the Kansas border, and then a good run across Kansas. Some 580 miles. Phew. All smooth sailing. Big S is running like a king.

GAS GOUGERS: At one point in Northern California, high up the hills, I remember paying something like, $3.40 a gallon or something. For 15 gallons, it was damn near 50 bucks. Ouch.

Obligatory, “I remember” verbage: I remember paying a little under a buck a gallon in Gary, Indiana on one of my first roadtrips, and being floored that gas was a $1.25 a gallon in Oregon. This was 1993, and I’m sure all you old-timers (over 31, of course.) can beat me right into the dirt with a better “price per gallon” memory.

Now, so far, throughout that Wild West, gas has been a couple pennies over 3 bucks a gallon. I’ve just sort resigned myself to the fact that each tank is “more than I’m used to paying” and well, so it goes.

But tonight, some 50 miles back, in downtown Salina, Kansas, I pumped and pumped and looked up to see, $2.41 a gallon. Wow. Prairie prices. No gripes here. Extra loot for later on.

We’re bedding down in Topeka tonight, enjoying the wifi bliss of the Comfort Inn, late into the night.

045. “Sausage type.”
046. “Road warriors.”
047. “God Bless the Grills of America.”
048. “The Prairie.”
049. “I-70 at night, no.01”
050. “I-70 at night, no.02”
051. “Leah ‘eagle-eyed’ this little humdinger, but a block from the motel.”

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The pictures are beautiful, your descriptions are deep and thought-provoking as usual, and I am so glad for the mention of Leah - she is still with you, after all those miles and miles of roads, desert, mountains and prairie.

Hang in there, you two. I think you are ‘bonding’………or not.

Posted by: momma d. on 09/19/05 at 7:07 AM

I took a roadtrip from Western Iowa to Rhode Island in the summer of 99 and the gas prices were hovering at $.88 a gallon which allowed me to take the entire trip, including tolls, for a little over 120 dollars. So, yes, even within the last few years gas has been reasonable for long treks. I hope you aren’t spending hundreds of dollars on gas… but I assume you almost have to. well, *shrug*, it’s all worth it. For the sake of a roadtrip!

Posted by: s. zeilenga on 09/19/05 at 8:08 AM

your in my neck of the woods….had you stayed on and hit nebraska instead of going south to Can’s Ass, i could have directed you to the family acreage on N Hwy 61… he’d have definately shown you the muscle car collection he’s amast since I left the house many years ago….

but no you opted for the Heart of America right there in Salina, KS… safe travels bro…

Posted by: styk on 09/19/05 at 8:26 AM

No Pagosa Springs? That’s too bad. They were gonna roll out the red carpet for you guys. Your pics and stories are real nice Draplin.

Posted by: Horhey Gonzalas on 09/19/05 at 11:59 AM

Don’t you remember our family vacation (about 17-18 years ago) when Dad blew a few gaskets at the entrance to Yellowstone (or Yosemite) when he had to pay $1.53 a gallon.

I remember him saying something like “I’m not paying that.” What was he going to do? Let us walk through the national parks?!?!


Posted by: Sarah on 09/19/05 at 1:23 PM

Draplin, I can’t believe you DROVE thru my town and didn’t track me down! So much for old school friends.
Safe travels to you and your crew.

Posted by: Marcy on 09/20/05 at 6:03 AM

“Wake Up Denver Morning” one of my favorite songs written by my best friend. We love it here in Denver, will probably never leave Colorado excepting road trips, of course. Glad you liked it here, you should have stopped for a short stay though. Most people are very nice. Those people in the boxes, without the yards, are obsessed with the old vs. prefab debate too, and that’s all they ever do.

Posted by: cultr on 09/20/05 at 11:02 AM

buy a truck and feel the joy of $70 tanks. hope i can pay $100 some day. what’s up with pics of arches nat’l park with no arches. you’re so against the grain.

Posted by: frank zuccini on 09/20/05 at 8:12 PM
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