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August 05, 2005
Posted at 02:46 PM


The boys are on their way down and over from their respective homebases. The shit is about to hit the fan.

A list to fuck a whole week up…

01. Lots of dudes.
02. Magic.
03. Shit talkin’.
04. Fierce debates.
05. Spirited exploration.
06. Threats.
07. Barking.
08. Hate.
09. Redemption.
10. Air-conditioned solace.
11. Well-stocked messhall fridge.
12. Copy editing.
13. Clipping pathery.
14. Brainstorming.
15. Stormbraining.
16. Loose talk.
17. Fights.
18. Brotherly love.
19. Triggers pulled.
20. Group dynamics.

There Are 8 Comments

Dude, I like the colors and especially the wood-log Star of David, but what’s with the Abercrombie and Fitch/American Eagle “Authentic and True Summer of 79 Varsity Beach Patrol” stonewashed pre-distressed crinkle-creases all over the place? I know they actually make Photoshop filters that do this for you, so what’s the story here?


The flea thing from yesterday I can let slide on account of your xerox machine being worn-out, but this one is more suspect… I think all that leftover Grunge in the northwest is starting to mess with your mind!

Peace and Harmony,

Posted by: PJ Chmiel on 08/05/05 at 4:24 PM

Can I get that shirt in the smallest size possible? Purty Pleeeeze?

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 08/05/05 at 6:10 PM

Hoss, you are getting in the “fightin’ words” territory!

You got a bone to pick?

Bring it up with Gary. We are too busy to put you sonsabitches in yer places.

And don’t even start that “Peace and harmony,” hoo-ha with me.

Sweat and distress, you motherfuckers.

Posted by: DDC Public Relations on 08/05/05 at 9:00 PM

You guys are just jealous. I think it’s pretty. Leave the dandy alone.

But seriously, Aaron, what happened to clean lines and spot colors. The broken boy scout thing has been done to death - no pun intended.

Also, when can we see some pictures of the homestead. I’m curious to see where you put the pink curtains.

Andrew “No Right To Talk” Jenkins

Posted by: Andrew R. Jenkins on 08/05/05 at 9:15 PM


“Authentic and True Summer of 79 Varsity Beach Patrol”

I like it, distressed and all, throws me back to the days of living for the 2 weeks of summer camp just before going back to school that’d be the highlight of the summa


Posted by: jim golden on 08/06/05 at 7:22 AM

Aaron, I didn’t even know you were jewish.

This reminds me of Bugle Boy® Mountain Assault Action Rescue Team Patrol©
“Rugby-Style” shirt I had in 7th. grade.

Posted by: ryno on 08/06/05 at 11:27 AM

Ha! Bugle boy! Oh man oh man oh man. Woo! (I’d still like one, Aaron).

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 08/07/05 at 9:29 AM

Excellent article, very informative and helpful! This is a cool site, and I’ve tagged it many places and will be back when I can say more. Yeah, relationships are so complex. Personally, my experience is that it’s too often the case that it’s just a swarming confusion of projections and reactions and that we don’t know WTF we’re doing half the time. Sorry if that’s harsh, and probably irrelevant.

Posted by: on 04/22/12 at 1:53 PM
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