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August 28, 2005
Posted at 02:30 AM


Smog played the Doug Fir tonight, and with exception of the opening band and the heckler who wouldn’t shut the fuck up in between songs (“Hey Smoggy, play good!” and the ever-fucked, “You coulda played it better.”) the show was enthralling, in a galloping, cantering kind of way.

Jim White was on the skins and hands down, “stole the show.” He’s from the Dirty Three, an Australian instrumental trio I used to dig on in the mid ’90s. His swagger, sweat, mustache and finesse had all eyes on him. That man can play.

Callahan closed the show with a “Thanks.” and well, that was all he said to the crowd the whole set.

It’s been a “Smog Summer” on the DDC factory Floor, and seeing these guys as September nears, really puts some icing on the cake.

Bill Callahan, in a moment of knee-drop focus.

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