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Well, 2’s was taking a nap and Gary got real intimate with his sweatshirt, did some exploring and found a sleeve with a unforgiving opening, once again. The little asshole.

Still busy. Dudes everywere. Mother and daughter in the driveway. One Rottweiler/Shepherd mix. One Mini Dachshund. Pain. Hate. Fear. Juices. Typos. Paper cuts. Toner. Fucked up documents. Etc.

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Bring it: the 6/6 Heart Attack

uncle tupelo will come along to save you

Posted by: Seth on 08/16/05 at 11:33 PM

His little pawsies look really amazing in tha picture. All his crawling through tony dark openings reminds me of that Richard Gere rumor.

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 08/17/05 at 12:58 PM
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