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01. If it ain’t one thing, it’s the next.
02. From frying pan to boiling pot, etc.

Wrapped up a hellish week Friday afternoon and rolled the sleeve right back up for a long weekend of painting some walls. Something came over me. The stock “cream” the guy threw up before he sold the joint just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

We needed some color in the joint. I had a Home Depot card burning a goddamn hole in the pocket since I bought the joint, so Lovejoy and I cruised out to pick some colors.

01. ROOM OF LIVING: “Gary Turd” Brown.
02. ROOM OF DINING: “Hayseed” Beige.
03. SOUTH WALL, ROOM OF DINING: “Pumpkin’d” Orange. Real nice.
04. SLEEPING QUARTERS: Whitewash all around, with the “Bllue Ox” Blue on the West Wall.

The bathroom, utility porch and Factory Floor entryway are all next. You bet. So nice.

And shit if Home Depot doesn’t just have the most amazing cross section of motherfuckers in and out of the place. We were lucky enough to be in line with—directly behind—a troll of a man; in a green hawaiian shirt, kelly green shorts hiked wayyy up, furry legs, sasquatch chest and a thinning brown mane, held back by some shades. This little twinkler was “giving an earful” to the unamused clerk about some sort of custom color issue he was having.

I love aging Interior Decorators with a penchant for pastels and marble.

We’ll do some photos once everything is straightened up and civilized.

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If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to know where your food really comes from or what kind of shit your friends were into before you knew ‘em, don’t read the rest of this.

Okay, so you’re the curious type. A lot of home owners get all stoked on the Depot ‘cause of the cool orange shelving and the low prices but you need to know three things about the joint…
1. A lot of the stuff they sell can be had cheaper and better.
2. A lot of the name brands are cheaper made in China versions that only sell at Home Depot because people recognize the good brand name but won’t throw down for what it really costs.
3. They’re a bunch of hard core Republicans. The Home Depot gives a higher percentage to Republicans over Dems than even Haliburton. They’re basically the Wal Mart of the home renovation stores.

I was surprised by #1, pissed off when my circular saw broke because of #2, and #3 broke my heart when I realized how much money I had dropped in there. Sorry to piss in your paint bucket Aaron.

Posted by: Supergenius on 08/01/05 at 7:06 PM

Hey there Aaron! Remember me? Ravens Daughter. You just popped into my head because I just booked my family on tickets to Traverse City for Christmas. Not sure if you will be there, but I know my mom would love to see you.

ANyway, you would be so pround of Raven, she is a travelling fool now! London, New York, DC, Mexico.

I would love to hear from you!


Posted by: Amber Smith (Peterson) on 08/12/05 at 10:14 AM
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