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July 20, 2005
Sir Wellington
Posted at 10:41 AM



I’ll be a ‘smooth-haired-hind-quarter-of-a-Dachshund” if this photo didn’t just completely “stop me in my tracks” this morning. Meet “Sir Wellington” of the Leigh + Matt Capozzi Estate of Southern California. He’s got “that look.” We can tell. Like Gary, he’s “all heart” and well, I know the readers of this questionable blog will agree. (Some won’t, as, we haven’t given up any real estate for prior poochie submissions. This is set to change, so, simmer down.)

CALL FOR DOGLEGS: Get those images in. We are working up the “Gary Affiliations” page at the moment. Include some info about the little fucker, including: Sleeping habits, temperment, toy of choice, dogbreath rating, stool specifications and Pantone coat color.

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I sent you all the favorite pics of our cats. I can’t wait to see them on your site.

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 07/20/05 at 1:41 PM

Man, that dog is fuckin’ ugly.
I can’t believe it, you sound like some chic
from Edina. Where are you’re damn balls man?

Next thing I know there’ll be some outrageous section
called “Gary Outfits” on this motherfucker.

See you at the Mall.

Posted by: haker on 07/20/05 at 2:19 PM

Does my roommate’s girlfriend count?

Posted by: ryno on 07/20/05 at 2:31 PM


Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 07/20/05 at 7:43 PM
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