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Draplin Design Co., North America

Up in Seattle hammering out a set of boards for Ride Snowboards.

Staying at Coal Brad’s pad up off Interstate 5 and 45th Avenue here in the city.

Getting up early, with all the spiders in his basement.

Driving south on the 5, then on to the West Seattle bridge, down Fauntleroy and then hoppin’ the ferry out to Vashon Island. Big, hairy pain in the ass as far a “morning commute” is concerned, but, it is a nice drive. First, the orange-morning-waking-up-city, then the sea-air-open-water, and finally a tree-lined-green-country-road. You have to plan pretty far ahead to catch the ferry and battle the morning traffic. I honestly don’t know how those workers cope with that sort of commute. Pretty much an hour each way, give or take some traffic and shit. Wow.

The board set is coming together amazing. Fank and Styk run a fuckin’ design powerhouse, and I’m tickled to be able to roll up my sleeves for them to pinchhit for a series. Good shit all around. Amazing choices and tricks and processes and swatchbooks and history. The options are overwhelming. Thanks for the hospitality, feedback and lunch vittles.

Gary is barking like a motherfucker. Love the little man and all, but learning to loathe his barking outbursts. Soon as he’s old enuff for that collar doohickey, I’m getting him fitted to “zap the bark right outta him.” Maybe.

I’ll be back home tomorrow night.

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Do they make those collars for kids?

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 07/27/05 at 6:32 AM

I’ve got three basset hounds, five cats, 19 chickens, a rabbit, and a horse. The rabbit is the most work. For every once of food put in, 5lbs come out. If they’ve got a collar for that, let me know.

Posted by: Penguinx on 07/28/05 at 10:43 AM
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