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July 29, 2005
Friday, All Day Long
Posted at 08:46 AM

Friday. All day. Got up early to try to get a jump on the day. Gary sleeps in his crate, towards the back, rolled up real good and quiet. Big day of “doing our best to catch up” on all the projects. Always a battle.

With it being our “busy time” and all, the days have been taking on this weird sort of ambiguity. Weekends come and go, and each day is just another day of “hammering on everything” as we push towards our September “push off” date. We’re hoping to start our 2nd Annual “50 Days on the Road with the DDC” national tour somewhere around the middle of the month.

Big plans are in the works. Might fly the little sis Leah out for her first big roadtrip. Get her out to Portland for some fun-n-frolic—and most importantly—to see some activity outside of the the little Traverse City vortex I’d say she’s sort of “caught” in right now. It would be good for her. So, fly her out, show her the digs, then cruise back home with her, showin’ her this big-ass nation.

Lovejoy is currently “painting our living room” in our summer pledge to keep the little nugget busy. Paint swatches and blue tape, you motherfuckers…until this thing is done. Real excited to get some color up.


Came across this old Tootsie Roll Fudge Bar wrapper last week when we were out Junkin’. This little ad for “some Social Security” caught my eye.

Get a load of these: Detail 01 and Detail 2

There is One Comment

Man, there’s just nothing like the quality of that sketchy old printing. I’m envisioning a little rubber block with too much ink rolled on, whacking out the wrappers at 120 impressions per minute in a small printing house in Evansville, Indiana. Goddamn beautiful, keep scanning and posting your treasures, Christ knows you’re hoarding enough of ‘em.

Posted by: PJ Chmiel on 08/03/05 at 1:36 PM
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