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This is from a envelope or napkin or soemthing, from like 1993 or something. My old bass. I used to paint, I used to draw, I used to make little collages and shit. My hands were making things.

Nowadays, I do a lot of “mouse clicking” and well, after a fiery iChat with Goo, I got to thinking about where I started and where I am, and where I wanna go. It got me to thinking. The kind of thinking that makes you want to stay up all night doing something you forgot about, or, have been putting off. Good thinking, I guess. Movement.

“We are old…” was the last thing Goo wrote in that window before signing off. We are, and aren’t. We sure as hell ain’t 22 no more, that’s for damn sure. Those were the days that phrases like “season pass” and “out West” and “Jesus Lizard at La Luna” meant the world to me. Nowadays, it’s shit like, “Refinance now” and “Our budget…” make me wonder where I am, and what is next. “We ain’t shit!”

Gonna do a little looking back to sow some seeds of reinvention, maybe. Or, retooling of the work/living/comforts I’ve worked so hard to get to know, and now, fight hard to maintain. Just trying to make everythng good, all the time. Shit is good. All existential battles aside, all this thinking makes me thankful for even the littlest of things.

A small list of good things, just to keep my head straight:

01. Stars in the backyard while Gary is lettin’ it fly.
02. A honk from a friend passing me while I wait at the light of Fremont and 31st, or something.
03. A “I think we’re there.” matchprint from Colourscan.
04. A Jackalope card in the mail from Maggie.
05. Learning the drums to “This Here Giraffe” by the Flaming Lips.
06. A check showing up in the daily mail.
07. Breakfast with Goo at Junior’s.
08. Bm chords with Ryno, via email.
09. Being “Art Directed” by Jay Floyd, and digging all of it.
10. The new Union Bindings boxes.
11. Silverfish on the DDC Factory Floor.
12. Clean sheets.
13. Mowed grass.
14. A call from mom.
15. An iChat from Rose…and Jered, and Paul, and Dan, and Don.
16. Dan Connor’s glasses.
17. Big S.
18. Nakamoto’s newest releases he designed, and well, I even like them.
19. When Gary settles down as rests his head on my elbow.
20. A new pair of kicks.
21. Strength in a moment of complete fucking despair.
22. A pat on the back from Sherowski.
23. The new Son Volt album, leaked a couple months early, and found by Horton Industries.
24. A couple pages from, “All The Pretty Horses”
25. Girls.
26. A full-charged battery in the laptop.
27. Old letters from friends/girlfrens. Love that shit. Time capsules.
28. SoCal Real Estate updates from Michaylira. (Keep buying, dunce.)
29. Pantone 478 = Garytone.
30. My “Route 66 Trip With Dad” photo book, pretty much nightly.
31. A chat with Sierra about homeowning, work, dogs and stuff in a big Adidas office.
32. Finding money in yer pockets while doing laundry.
33. A “Bro.” from Brad..
34. A bad haircut from a punk rock chickadee at Bishops.
35. Wood, dirt, grass, rain and Gary droppings.
36. Grandmother memories.
37. People with good handwriting.
38. A “plan of attack” drawn up by General Matt Kass.
39. A “hobla-blobla-wobla-hobla-wobla” from Holley.
40. Dinner at Veritable Quandry, downtown, on the patio, looking up at the city lights.
41. Sandy Boulevard.
42. A massage.
43. Gary whiskers.
44. Being in yer 30s, and being kinda “alright with it.”
45. Wayne Coyne’s “Flaming Lips” hillbilly typography from albums/t-shirts/etc. The best.
46. Waking up and feeling good.
47. Filling up a “DDC Field Notes” memo book with daily operational notes.
48. Crack open a new “DDC Field Notes” memo book and feeling a world of possibility.
49. A winning bid on ebay for something you don’t really need.
50. A breath of fresh air.

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You wrote your name on the head.

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 05/19/05 at 10:29 AM

Wow, nice list mr. flaming lips dude! If you love them so much why dont you marry them? Ha! What about your Moms crapes? or your dads “killer pizza”? Or unka kev telling you he can’t read you a story because he dosent know how to read? I thought that would effect you for life! Then came star wars…..oh ya, not even adventure people were mentioned. You need some deep soul searching my nephew. Thanks for remembering the grandmas! They were great! Well besides waiting for tickets for your tour,I’ll be waiting for a revised list, thank you very much!…..latter unka kev

Posted by: unka kev on 05/19/05 at 8:50 PM

That’d make an awful nice tattoo

Posted by: Ryno on 05/19/05 at 11:27 PM

Oh, man, I made the list! I am so proud….

Posted by: Maggie on 05/20/05 at 4:30 PM

Why not pursue incorporating hand drawn illustrations into more designs?

Hell, scan them in and rework them as vectors if need be; even a reworked hand drawn illustration looks tits.

Posted by: Penguinx on 05/20/05 at 7:30 PM

Vectors are for pussies.

Posted by: Raster Ryno on 05/21/05 at 6:01 PM

In what sense? I do a lot of ink & brush illustration, and it has its place; so do vectors.

Did I just fall for a comments section trolling?

Posted by: Penguinx on 05/24/05 at 9:16 PM
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