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April 08, 2005
A New Denoyer
Posted at 09:46 AM


This just out: Little Olivia Denoyer!

Congrats to Alexis and Derek on this fine Friday. Way to work, you two.

Rest up, little Olivia, we got big plans for you.

There Are 2 Comments

Derek and Alexis: what a beautiful baby girl you have. We can’t wait to meet her and hold her. Both mom and dad look so happy and serene; you are going to make a wonderful family.

footnote to whomever:

…..so that’s what a grandchild looks like!!…..

Posted by: momma d. on 04/09/05 at 8:09 AM

Sorry mom…we could all have some bastards if you’d like —— that is, if you really want a grandchild that bad!

You should embrace your granddog, Mia, and cherish the time you have with her until a fucking miracle happens and one of your children actually marry!

Get over it! :)

p.s. Congrats Derek, Alexis and Olivia!

Posted by: Sarah on 04/09/05 at 2:05 PM