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April 19, 2005
Don't Call It A Comeback
Posted at 02:06 PM


Don�t call it a comeback. Many apologies to all I�ve neglected in the last 10 days. I�ve been under the weather, down for the count, sick as a dog, downtrodden, sad, a bit scared, a wreck, ornery, not worth a shit, thinking too much for my own good, of questionable hygiene, etc.

The way it is.

Last week it was some sort of flu deal, with fun headaches that would come and go. This week, it was a sore throat. Just a little patch at the back of the throat, on the right side. Hurt to swallow, dry, sanderpapery and plain mean. Lots of ugly nights waking up to a mean thirst, with a dreary-eyed apprehension to slug back some water, as each swallow was an agonizing battle.

As I type this, the swallowing is getting a little bit easier. At this point, it feels like I have a big ol� hunk of dangling flesh that good hawker or farmer�s blow would solve. Hard to say. I even went as far as making a nervous visit to an �Urgent Care Clinic.� A big step for me, as well, I�m not all that “gung-ho” about doctor offices, etc. Doc Moreland checked all my vitals, listened to me spill my guts about all the drama I�ve been through and then swabbed my throat (gagging me in the process) for a quick sample of the pus/phlegm irritation that lined my upper throat.

�Impressive,� is all she had to say. And then she was off.

So I�m sitting there, on that table with the paper lining on it, and minutes are hauling by. Before I know it, a good 25 minutes has gone by, and man, the sweat is starting to bead up on my forehead. So scared. Why wasn�t she back announcing a simple case of �strep throat�? Why wasn�t she back, knowingly offering advice how to clear this up? The time ticked on, and man, it was hell.

Then she came in, looking puzzled. �Well, it isn�t strep throat. But then again, our test is 8% unsure.� So then, the test was 92% it wasn�t strep? My mind was swimming. �It looks like it�s some kind of virus, and well, either way, I�d be prescribing you Amoxicillin. So, that�s what we�re gonna do just in case.�

So that�s where I�m at. I�m four pills into the 20. 10 days, two pills a day, one with breakfast and one with supper. I�m already noticing the energy levels recharging, the confidence is coming back, the discomfort isn�t as bad as it was, say, yesterday, or, over the weekend.

Give thanks. I am.

I look forward to getting back to some sort of normal. Please. That fine morning when I wake up feeling 100 percent, well, it�ll be a joyful situation on the DDC Factory Floor. I will go out on the town. Babies will be kissed, young women swooned, dogs rubbed, neighbors waved to, thanks given to whatever force watches over us, etc. Until then, we chug as much water as possible, piss lots, chow the sweet amoxicillin horse pills, drop a couple Tylenols here and there, etc, and we trudge towards normal.

- - - -

Cousin/sister Christine Steele was in town for a couple days, up from Las Vegas filming a commercial somewhere down by Salem. We managed to connect one night and had a hearty meal at Chaba Thai down the street, followed by the �Grand Tour� of the ranch. It was good to see the girl, So good. Always loved this one. She art directs commercials in Vegas, with plans that might include relocating to Los Angeles at some point. Whatever her path, we wish her the best, and made it very clear that, �She has a place with us wherever we are.�

- - - -

Caught Dinosaur Jr�s �somewhat triumphant� reunion debut on the Late Late Show with some highlander by the name of Craig Ferguson. The guy isn�t funny. But, it was cool to see Mascis, Lou and Murph banging it out. They did �The Lung� and well, it sounded like hell, but, I wouldn�t expect anything else.

Lou strummed the whole thing. Mascis� hair is just about completely gray.

I really look forward to catching them on tour this fall. Good shit. Songs of my youth.

There Are 5 Comments

Is that all?

I reckoned you were dying after witnessing this shit first hand.

I got my eyes on a couple things. Make sure you type up a will — just in case.

Posted by: Ryno on 04/19/05 at 9:09 PM

I’ll put my dibs in on the 20 incher, cause I don’t want that pink tinged 23 incher.

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 04/20/05 at 8:37 AM

Get well soon, man. Once the pills are gone and the sore throat is cleared up, be sure to eat lots of yogurt to replace all the good bacteria that the antibiotics destroyed. You need those little devils to keep things balanced.

Posted by: bensch on 04/20/05 at 4:45 PM

Hey Aaron,
Wanna hear my new smash hit song “Bonecrusher”?
Click on www.minorbroadcast.net, a site my son
Brian put up featuring several songs (2 by me)
Tell me the truth if you like the song or not. My kids say they like it, but they have to lie
…Uncle Pat

Posted by: Patrick Steele on 04/20/05 at 6:48 PM

i want your flat files if you cant kick that west nile thing you got. (http://www.draplindustries.com/archives/2004_07.html)
incase you forgot about them.


Posted by: haker on 04/21/05 at 6:32 PM