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March 02, 2005
Posted at 07:43 PM

My “Surprise Visit back to the parents” mission had sadly come to an end.

The couch will be relieved, at least. It’ll get a much-needed break from my ass.

A great break, with time well spent with the parents, eating dinner, watching tube, doing errans, doing nothing, working, bullshitting, etc. Good times all around.

- - - -

Mom is driving me down to Detroit today where I’ll connect with Kurt Halsey for the ride over and up to Minneapolis. We’ll be doing a “night layover” in Chicago, staying with some friends of Kurt’s. They better be nice or we’ll have trouble.

I was here for six days, didn’t go into town once or connect with my old pals. Little bit of sadness, but, hey, when you “run hot” like this motherfucker does, well, that sort of shit happens.

Many thanks to mom and dad for, well, everything.

- - - -

So cool. I won’t be missing this one for anything. Just want to hear “Little Furry Things” with the original lineup once, and I can die a happy man.