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March 11, 2005
Back For The Attack
Posted at 01:05 PM

Back in town.

Good to be back, as always. Laundry, mail, bills, drums, guitar strings, new music, email, projects, friends, ebay treasures, Whit…lots of catching up to do on all fronts.

It’s 70 degrees outside, and maybe, 60� down here in the basement. Let’s keep it that way.

- - - -


I was at the Hot Dog Shack having a dog the other day and saw Stephen Malkmus pedal by and on in to Nature�s Market. He�s got a new album coming out, and is know for his involvement in a little Sacramento band by the name of Pavement.


Saw the guitar shredder from Sleater Kinney waiting to make a left turn in her Audi station wagon on 42nd and Sandy. I was on my way back from cashing a check. Wow.

There is One Comment


In a ‘not-so-indie’ sighting, I saw Trey Anastasio at Detroit Metro on my way back from Montana. He was full-on mellow cattin’ it through the airport, trying to keep a low-pro. I took a double take and he realized that I realized who he was during the second glance. Pretty rad. That boy wields a mean gee-tar.


Posted by: Eric Campbell on 03/13/05 at 6:32 PM