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Draplin Design Co., North America
February 27, 2005
Posted at 07:59 PM

Back in Michigan and doing absolutely nothing.

Lots of couch time. Lots of meals with the parents. Couple of treks around the back roads. Getting some work done here and there, but not really.

- - - -

Man, had to sit (peripherally, at least) through the Oscars tonight while I worked away on the dining room table. All that star grooming made me want to puke. I love a good movie like everyone else, but absolutely loathe the Red Carpet’s masturbatory ego strokes. Chris Rock, well, just sort of “tired.” And man, fuck that Josh Groban guy who sang whatever song. I wanted to die during that number.

With all that loot thrown at it, and well, being the pinnacle of basically everything, you’d think it would be more bearable.

- - - -

Then highlight of this mission has been mom’s “big pancakes.” Man, good stuff. Just like Gramma Josie’s.

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It’s Monday at 12:25 p.m. near the Sleeping Bear Dunes – Are you still in the area? How long are you in town for?

Posted by: JR on 02/28/05 at 9:29 AM

I’ll be here until Thursday…

JR? Who are you? Come clean and reveal yerself.

Posted by: Draplin on 02/28/05 at 10:29 AM

Sorry for the delay in response - caught a nasty cold and was down for the last 24.

Do you have a regular email I can use?

Posted by: JR on 03/01/05 at 9:43 AM


Posted by: DDC Factory Floor, Mich. Div. on 03/01/05 at 10:13 AM