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February 03, 2005
Heading To Münich
Posted at 05:08 PM


Heading to Münich tomorrow. Gonna be over there for 10 days with the Grenade Gloves “higher-ups.” They will be showing their latest/greatest at the ISPO Tradeshow, and I’ll be there for “proper backup” in case anything gets hairy between the Europeans and those of us from the States. You never know with those goddamn Euros, you just never know.

There is some talk of a couple days in Switzerland and maybe even a little foray into Austria. Hard to say. We’ll be doing the majority of our coming and going via train, so, let that be solace for the readers of these words.

- - - -

“Yer crazy if you don’t think I’m having schnitzel for every meal.”
-Flabberjaw DDC, around Veg-ass.

Rose came back with some tall tales, so, in proper spirit, I plan on “one-upping” that little fart-in-the-Long-Beach-wind.

- - - -

Spent the week catching up on this and that, playing the drums, taking things easy, hanging with Whitney, planning out February (a busy one it’s shaping up to be, letmetellya) and enjoying the “checking off of the list” on of general housekeeping duties. All good stuff.

I fly out on Friday, so cross those fingers for me for good flights all the way to Deutschland.

Pinski will be on the same flight, that little shit.

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Man, you’re a cocksucker

I’m so fucking envious of your ass.

Posted by: ryno on 02/04/05 at 5:43 PM

Good fer you! I hope you are saying Frauline and Yaaah with the proper spirit—it should be jubilant and uncomplicated. Sing it from the mountain tops! That’s how I would do it, at least.


Posted by: DiPonio on 02/11/05 at 7:42 PM