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Draplin Design Co., North America
December 18, 2004
Breaking News
Posted at 09:52 AM

This just in from my Unca Kev:

“Hey man, I just wanted to say that I loved that card as much as 58 other people did but it frickin’ backfired on my ass! Thats right, uncle kev was conveniently at the check out when that piece-of-shit phone rang……well, long story short some asshole handed me that card and walked away! True fuckin’, story. I will send it to you to show what can happen! �Kev”

- - - -

All is fair in love and war and well, cellphone use in public space.

But let’s make this clear: No one fucks with my Unca Kev. No one. You are messing with my blood there. I’d take a kick to the ribs any day for the guy, and actually have a couple times. Family is a fickle thing. This one is for you Unca Kev. (“Thump, Thump.” �Thumping our chests in solidarity.)

- - - -

Surf’s up:

Rob in NYC. / Nice stuff.
House 33 / “Do these come in XXL?”
Urban Honking / Beep, beep, motherfucker.
A Ware Gallery / The absolute finest, hands down.
Travel Decals / Hours and hours of amazement here.
Funnel Inc. / We love the tractor.
Portland: The City of Roses / But hey, our yard looks like shit.