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But hey, the battlestation is still manned, as we�re enjoying �wireless� connectivity at the parental compound. The new G4 iBook is doing very well, allowing for some productive action.

We�re doing taxes, rounding out our year. Lookin� forward to 2005, lookin� forward.

Christmas was a good day. Got some goodies and more importantly, got to spend time with the family. Basically, in the five days I�ve been home, I�ve had to put my pant on one time. It looks like I�m going into town tomorrow, so, that�ll be the second time.

I fly back home on the 31st, with but six hours left in 2004, in which to plan out the �hell of a year� we plan on takin� on with full force for the next 12 months.

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G4! Ha! Even my mom has a G5 now…

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 12/27/04 at 9:04 AM

happy holiday.

Posted by: BigNosy on 12/28/04 at 12:40 PM

Have you ever seen what your “thank you for submitting a comment” page looks like?

Tell cam to install some css on that shit.

Rookie move.

Posted by: Evan on 12/28/04 at 12:41 PM

Where are all the New Years Partays?

Drap, if all else fails, i’m making flyers with your address on them.

Posted by: Cory Grove on 12/28/04 at 5:56 PM