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October 04, 2004
DDC 50: Day 15, Bye To Legoland
Posted at 12:21 PM


Wrapping up a productive morning at Rhajer Cameron�s wooded compound in Long Meadow, Mass. Rhaj has a great pad. Lots of nooks, crannies, beams, stairs and great water pressure. Rhaj and Sarah better keep the place up, as a “bun is in the oven� and man, that little rugrat is gonna be one lucky little critter. The next time you are in Long Meadow, be sure to stop by and see these kids.

And good luck getting back to the interstate from this death trap. I’ve budgeted a spare three hours to make my way back through the labyrinth of suburbs and wooded hollows towards ol’ Exit 1 on Massachusett’s Interstate 91.

- - - -

Caught up on the emails and did what I could to sober up after the weekend event. The day at Rhajer�s has been a good rest, coming off of a lot of �hot air� outta Rose and well, a high level of emotion seeing Lance and Vanessa tie the knot.

About the �Vermont is real shithole��comment. Now, now, from time to time we get carried away and try to be �funny� or �sarcastic� and well, the old black on yellow Arial fonts just don�t do the delivery justice.

Little joke, actually. Vermont is God�s country, second to that Midwest, when it comes to fall. We all know this. It was beautiful up there, and on the way down, I found myself stopping alongside the road just to sit in the quiet and dig the cool air and glorious surroundings. Really nice country, had a bit of a hard time leaving it. Don�t know if I could make it home up there, but do feel an inexplicable Autumn calling to �be there for a week or so each fall.� That is newly indoctrinated DDC Official Seasonal Policy from here on out. You can bet a winter�s worth of maple syrup on that one, goddamnit.

- - - -

Heading down to that big New York City tonight. Got some business to attend to, some pleasure, some commerce, some confusion, etc. Gonna cut Connecticut in half via I-91, heading down to the shore, where I haul over to the Newark airport, where I�ll secure the rig in a well-lit parking lot for a quick train ride into the big city. That�s the deal. Parking is too hectic in that big town.

Gonna go see Cameron, and hell, Goo�s in town too. Maybe even call up those little Cooley brothers some walking around town. Got some work to do, and hope to get out and kick the town�s ass a little bit too.

- - - -

On the way down last night, I cruised through �J Mascis Country,� also known as Amherst, just to take in a little of the same air the man takes in. Good stuff. Visions of little furry things, stuffed animal cows and bulldogs filled my head as I toured the town listening to select cuts from the Dinosaur Jr catalog. My favorite.

- - - -

Hauling through Springfield, mass. Last night marked the fourth �Springfield� this motherfucker has conquered on this trip.

01. Springfiled, Missourah
02. Springfiled, Illinois
03. Springfield, Vermont
04. Springfield, Massachusetts

- - - -

Off to see Rhajer in a little bit, to get a tour of his workplace: Lego! A lifelong dream. I might just stay and see if they have any openings, y�know, to sweep up (little bricks) after hours. Work my way up through the ranks and secure a coveted spot as a �builder� and well, call it a life.

Many thanks to Rhajer and Sarah for the �Long Meadow of hospitality� they�ve graciously poured out over the last day. Good people.

- - - -

And one more thing, you assholes: “Massachusetts” and “Connecticut” are real motherfuckers to spell, but you know what, we nailed it both times! Yep.

NOTE: All other typos are completely warranted, due to the nature of “Being On The Road.” And that’s just how it is.