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Draplin Design Co., North America
October 27, 2004
DDC 50: Day 38, Up In Elk Rapids
Posted at 02:37 PM


Up in Elk Rapids at the Eric Campbell Design Office. Commandeering some extra space for the upcoming SNOWBOARD magazine design process. Those fuckers are currently venturing north somewhere between Grand Rapids and Traverse City. They left Idaho a couple days back and have been hauling ass east, toward Chicago and up towards Traverse City. Highway to Hell.

They are bring the mag to me, which is awesome. We work well as a team, so, having us all together in one spot is crucial. Mark, Liz, little Sascha, Baker, 2�s and Douglass are will be here to �bang out the next issue of the mag.� Good shit.

Campbell has a great space in downtown Elk Rapids. A loft deal with giant ceilings, rafters, couple of separate offices, fireplace, kitchen and spacious shitter to boot. Lucky guy. He�s staying very busy too, with a ton of design work. Good.

The next bunch of days will be pretty intense. That mag has to be built, and man, we�re gonna slay it.

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Click this master of a link (or else) to see basically everything from our Mississippi River Road adventure. Great shots, great captions. All of it. Swap shit. Great signs. River roads. Main streets. Sketchy hotels.

Spend some time there, you lonely fucks.

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Are you passing through the D? If so give me a ring! 586.306.9991

Posted by: Jennifer Plamondon on 10/28/04 at 3:02 PM